Friday, November 25, 2016

Kestilos Russian Piping Tips and Cake Decoration Nozzles Set..Superior Quality!

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    • Kestilos Russian Piping Tips & Cake Decoration Nozzles Set .Unleash your Creativity and Impress your family and guests with your unique,striking pantry decoration Thanks to the Best Cake Icing Set .I have to say I've wanted a set like this since I was very young because I loved the amazing different ways you can decorate cakes ,cookies and more .This set isn't like cheap ones you'd find in some stores .The tips are extremely sturdy ,finest stainless steel that are rustproof and dishwasher safe .I found out I need a lot of practice with these because I've never done anything like this in the past . It's fun learning though and the only thing I wish this Set had was instructions. This set is made to last and looks heavy duty .It does come with 5 disposable pasty bags and I was hoping for regular pasty bags but I've talked to others and it seems the disposable bags are a way to go because they work better and less clean up .This set is huge and it has an excellent selection to choose from .I received this complementary for my unbiased review..#promotion #Tomoson #cakes#cookies #pastries #weddings #birthday #gift#stainlesssteel #Russian #piping #tips #holidays#Christmas #newyears #baby #party #creative#havefun

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